Rehoboth 2017: Friday

And that’s a wrap. After a great week here at Rehoboth, it’s time to head home.

We closed our week out here with a great “day off” by taking advantage of a few fun opportunities in the greater New Mexico and Arizona area.

The day started with a few of us heading to Window Rock CRC to do a bit of improvement work on their church building. We helped finish a new sign for the church and caulk some of their windows. It was great be able to keep up our relationship with this wonderful congregation of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Then, about mid-morning, the rest of us met the work group in Window Rock for our first adventure of the day: Cross Canyon. This is a bit of a Rehoboth tradition. Deanna, one of Rehoboth’s employees, has family members who actually own part of the canyon (that’s right; they have a canyon in their backyard). It’s a beautiful hike down into the canyon, and each year after we’re done, they make us Navajo tacos (Navajo fry bread, beans, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes) and blue corn mush with sugar (which is kind of like Cream of Wheat). Just like every year, we had a blast exploring the canyon this year too, and we definitely enjoyed the food for lunch. We followed the whole experience up with Dairy Queen on the way back to Rehoboth.

Once we were back we had a bit of free time for cleaning and packing before our final dinner here. After that we took off for our next adventure today: A rodeo. Each year Gallup (the town Rehoboth is located in) hosts a rodeo the weekend we’re in town. We haven’t gone the last few years, but this time we decided to check it out. It was a blast! A number of us had never been to a rodeo before, so we really enjoyed seeing what that was like. Then, after the regular events, they finished it all off with a fireworks grand finale.

We just got back to the dorm a little bit ago, and we’re feverishly packing and cleaning so we can leave promptly at 8:00 a.m. We’ll spend a bit of time at the local Saturday flea market before then heading back to Albuquerque for our flight home tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks for following us all week and lifting us up in prayer. It definitely helped us have a successful trip again this year!


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