Rehoboth 2017: Thursday

Sorry we missed a day, everyone. Yesterday ended up being a busier day than we expected. Between the two VBS programs we’re working with, the afternoon activities we’re running, and then our free time activities (rock climbing, a visit to a local shaved ice store, and experiencing Rehoboth’s on-campus observatory) we ended up a little short on blog time last night.

But, after rallying our energy today, we’re back full force tonight. Here are a few of our group members’ reflections on the last few days:

“What I experienced this week was being a Vacation Bible School Crew Leader. Vacation Bible School, or VBS, is a program where we can lead kids to Christ in a fun and creative way. My job as a crew leader was to be in charge of about 4 kids every day and help them throughout the day. I had to sign them in and give them their name tag right as they joined my group. We started off with worship and skits, where you need to over-participate to get the kids to be enthusiastic about the songs/motions and skits. Later I led the kids to different stations where we watched videos of kids, learned a Bible story, had a snack, played a game, and made a craft. During these activities we did something that connected to the Bible in some way. I would have to ask them questions about what we were learning to help them improve their relationship with Christ as well as play and just have fun with them. We finished off each day with more songs and skits before I had to make sure the kids went back to camp or to their parents.” -Braden H.

“Last night some of our group had the opportunity to go to the observatory at Rehoboth and it was absolutely fascinating! A Rehoboth staff member used the telescope to show us many different stars, constellations, planets, and galaxies. New Mexico has the perfect skies for stargazing, considering that it remains cloudless most of the time and there is very little light pollution. Even with the naked eye we could see where the milky way crosses the sky. With the telescope, we were also able to see Jupiter and Saturn. It was clear enough to see the storms on Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. After these planets, we looked at uniquely shaped star-clusters and nebulas. Finally, we were able to see two galaxies that merged through each other. Viewing the vastness of God’s creation through a tiny little lens on our tiny little planet was truly mind-blowing. As I was standing in awe of all these beautiful stars and galaxies, it struck me that even when we are surrounded by all this beauty, we are still called the crowning jewel of God’s creation. God never ceases to amaze me! The observatory was definitely a highlight activity of our trip so far!” -Holly B.

“This week a group of us was thrown into Iyanbito (a local community nearby Rehoboth), and it was a wild ride from start to finish. A week before we left for the trip, we were approached in church and informed that we were now responsible for running a day camp at another church in Iyanbito with nothing to go off of except an old VBS packet and some words of encouragement. The first time the 8 of us who would be working on the project got together to discuss how we hoped to make this work was a day before we started.  We frantically planned activities and made a list of the things we needed as we headed to Walmart at 11:00 at night. That trip was our first glimpse into what we were getting ourselves into as it started with no idea what was going on and ended with us playing hopscotch with cheeseballs in the parking lot. We arrived at Iyanbito and began to set up our day. We drove a van with no brakes through the reservation honking the entire way as kids flocked to the bus. As we began the check in process we met kids who only gave us things like BoBo J. and Nut Man as their names. We had worship, a message, a craft, games, story time, lunch, and more songs each day. Just as we figured it all out, the week was over. As a group we grew so much, and we could really feel God pushing us farther than we thought we could go.” -Rebekah B.

That’s it for our week of work. Tomorrow we’ve got a free day to see a bit more of the area and close out the trip well before heading home. We should be back with a final update tomorrow evening.

Finally, we’ve added another Facebook album to the OTE page with a few more pictures from the past few days. You can find it here:




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